private tuition

What's the best way to learn the English I want to learn?

  • Private tuition from a qualified, experienced, native English teacher.

As an individual private student:

  • you will get all of the teacher's time.
  • you will never feel embarrassed in front of other students if you make a mistake or ask a question.
  • you will learn the specific areas of English that are important to you - reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, English for business, English for the tourism industry, etc.
  • you can study where you want and at a time that is convenient for you.
  • you can miss classes without missing work, unlike in a school.*

As a pair of students you will have all the benefits that one-on-one students receive and:

  • you will get a discount: The cost per hour of two students isn't twice the cost of one.
  • you will naturally compete with each other to be the best.
  • you will have more fun with a friend.

* Cancellation fee applies.